A Renaissance Christmas

Ex cathedra Records: A Renaissance Christmas

Performed by Early Music New York - Frederick Renz, Director
[formerly New York's Ensemble for Early Music]

"Wow!... spectacular sound - very direct and alive" Stereophile
"a glorious recording" American Record Guide

Artists: Todd Frizzell - tenor & harp; Wayne Hankin - winds & tenor; Dan Rigazzi - tenor; Mark Rimple - alto & lute; Mark Sullivan - bass-baritone; Jon Szabo - bass-baritone & vielle

Ex cathedra Records: A Renaissance Christmas

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Produced in association with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this colorful disc celebrates the winter holiday with Renaissance carols and noels. Selections include: "Green grow'th the holly" and Taunder Naken from the Songbook of Henry VIII, noels by Busnois, Dufay and Brumel, 15th- century English carols, late Renaissance motets, lute songs, villancicos and instrumental dances by Palestrina, Attey, Arbeau and Praetorius' "Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen."

This full color cover features "The Annunciation" (detail) by Botticelli from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. A generous twenty page booklet includes notes and complete texts with parallel English translations. 65 minutes.

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1.Hail Mary full of grace

2.Novell: Tidings true

3.There is no rose (carols)Anonymous, 15th-Century

4.Noel, noel (motet)Antoine Busnois, d.1492

5.C'etait a l'heure (noel)Anonymous

6.Noe, noe (motet)Antoine Brumel, fl.ca.1500

7.Lullay: Als I lay

8.Nowell: Out of your sleep

9.Marvel not, Joseph

10.Alleluia: A newe work (carols)Anonymous, 15th-Century

11.Conditor alme siderum (hymn)Guillaume Dufay, ca.1400-1474

12.Green groweth the holly (carol)

13.Taunder naken (instrumental consort)Henry VIII, 1491-1547

14.Sweet JesusKing Henry VIII's Book, ca.1515

15.E la don don

16.Riu, riu, chiu (villancicos)Anonymous, pub.1556

17.Es ist ein' Ros'arr. Michael Praetorius, 1571-1621

18.Coventry CarolAnonymous, pub.1591

19.Joseph lieber (melody)Anonymous

20.Hodie Christus natus est (motet)G.P. Palestrina, ca.1525-1594

21.In dulci jubilo (melody)Anonymous

22.Sweet was the song (lute song)John Attey, ca.1640

23.Greensleeves (ballad tune)arr. Thysius Lute-Book, ca.1600

24.Psallite unigenite (motet)Michael Praetorius

25.Branle de l'Official (dance tune)Thoinot Arbeau, 1519-1595