Troped Apostolic Mass for Saint Martial

Ex cathedra Records: Troped Apostolic Mass for Saint Martial

Adémar de Chabannes, 989 - 1034

Performed by Early Music New York - Frederick Renz, Director
[formerly New York's Ensemble for Early Music]

Artists: John Alston - bass; Marshall Coid - alto/tenor; Todd Frizzell - tenor; Wayne Hankin - tenor; Wolodymyr Smishkewych - tenor; Jon Szabo - baritone

Ex cathedra Records: Troped Apostolic Mass for Saint Martial

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At the turn of the first millennium the Benedictine monk Adémar de Chabannes composed the stunning "Apostolic Mass for Saint Martial." Recently rediscovered and transcribed for the Ensemble's six male singers, this plainchant masterpiece is the first composition in the history of western music to be attributed to someone other than "anonymous."

Performed only once during Adémar's lifetime, the Mass for the Millennium is now vibrantly brought to life by Early Music New York in this 1000 Year World Premiere!

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Introit (Six of Tenfold)

1.Plebs devota Deo

2.Marcialem prae secla

3.Sortis apostolicae

4.Marcialis meritum

5.Sanctus Marcialis

6.Christi discipulus


8.Gloria - Laus tibi, summe deus

9.Gradual - Principes populorum

10.Alleulia - Beati oculi

11.Sequence - Marcialis primus fidei

12.Offertory - Marcialem dominus roborat

13.Offertory - Hic est Marcialis

14.Sanctus - Ante secula deus pater

15.Agnus Dei - Miserere super nos

16.Communion - Agnus ait domini Marciali

17.Ite Missa Est