A Medieval Christmas

EX CATHEDRA RECORDS: A Medieval Christmas

Performed by Early Music New York - Frederick Renz, Director
[formerly New York's Ensemble for Early Music]

Artists: John Alston - bass; Marshall Coid - countertenor, vielle; Todd Frizzell - tenor, symphonia; Wayne Hankin - winds, tenor; Wolodymyr Smishkewych - tenor, percussion; Jon Szabo - baritone, vielle


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Early Music New York's program of seasonal repertoire is a "Sold-Out" holiday tradition. Recorded in the great Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City, A Medieval Christmas features lyric songs - sacred and secular - by Hildegard von Bingen, Perotin, von Reuenthal and anonymous composers from the schools of Notre Dame and St. Martial - gloriously sung and deftly played by EM/NY's Artists in Residence.

"Angelus ad virginem" (the song Chaucer referred to in "The Canterbury Tales"), angelic Hildegard chant, earthy 13th-century Italian laude and spirited Spanish cantigas illuminate a treasury of joyous celebration.

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1.Rex virginum amatorLate 13th-14th centuries, anonymous

2.Edi be thu hevenqueene


4.Angelus ad virginemAnonymous English, late 13-14th centuries

5.Beata visceraPerotin, c.1200

6.Annus novus in gaudioSaint Martial Schoool, late 11th century

7."De Innocentibus"Hildegard von Bingen, 1098-1179

8."Minnesang" [instruments]Neidhart von Reuenthal, c. 1190-1240

9.Nicholas presulis

10.Exultemus et letemur/Gaudens in DominoNotre Dame School, c. 1200

11.Cantigas de Santa Maria:Alfonso el Sabio, Galicia, 1221-1284
     Como podens, Muit'amar, Tan beeyta, Maravillosos [instruments]

12.Polorum reginaLlibre Vermell, Catalonia, 14th century

13.In natali summi regisNotre Dame School, c.1200

14.Orientis partibus

15.Verbum patris humanatur

16.Laude novellaLate 13th-14th centuries

17.Verbum caro factum est

18.Verbum patris hodie

19."Alleluya" [instruments]

20.Stella nuova

21."Saltarello"Anonymous Italian